On Nov 30, 2007 3:56 PM, Luis Villa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > If people are going to be looking at licenses, I would very
> > much like to discuss the FDL v2, and our usage of the FDL in
> > general.  There are some troublesome parts whose implications
> > for GNOME aren't clear to me.
> My immediate gut instinct on this one is 'we're stuck with it whether
> we like it or not', but you know more about the copyright ownership of
> the docs than I do.

Something else to look at, BTW, would be that FDL 2 will apparently be
CC-SA compatible (not clear if that is 'FSF one way compatible' or
'actual two-way compatible', but wikipedia seems to think two-way
compatible), and that may be something we want to look at, since that
appears to be the fastest growing license commons on the non-code side
of the world.

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