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> I also like to see two more ideas added to CoC:
>  - Learn to agree to disagree.
>  - Criticize ideas, not people presenting them.
> Back to the Murray case, with my recommendation, everything would have
> happened the way it did.  Only that we'd try to make it more clear (on PGO
> in this case) that his views do not represent GNOME's or the majority of
> GNOME contributors.  Just need to accept that it sometimes happens.  What I
> found more disappointing in that particular incident was the flow of "+1"
> and "Thanks you" messages Murray received on PGO.  If that's really who we
> are, well, why police it?  Like what I read once: "Please be a dick if
> that's who you are".

Well, I withdraw my proposed amendment to the CoC as there has been no
support for it and I'm not entirely happy with it as written, either. But,
while I agree that the above would be welcome additions to the CoC, I don't
think this helps us answer what to do when the board is contacted.
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