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> >    * Philip: Everyone please read this, we'll discuss it again in the
> > next meeting. As suggested in Allan's comments, I can split the parts
> > that are more of interest to Foundation members into a wiki page.
> Is the proposed policy fully available to foundation members for review
> and/or as a reference at this point in time?

It's not a policy. It's an informal guideline for the board members,
suggesting what standards the minutes should meet, and a procedure for
approving the minutes of the previous meeting at the start of each meeting.

Allan suggested at the time splitting it into two parts, since some parts
were more interesting as a reference for GNOME Foundation members. Federico
is working on splitting it and putting the reference part in a wiki page.
The remaining board guideline part is honestly not going to be very
interesting unless you like parliamentary procedure, but will be put on a
wiki page as well when the board members agree on it.
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