On Fri, 31 Dec 2004, DrDiettrich wrote:

> > Naming a unit with 'u' standard does not seem useful to me, but this is
> > a matter of taste.
> ...
> > All other files are assumed to be units.
> > (projects/packages have distinct extensions anyway)
> No problem at the directory level, but how to distinguish names of
> units, types, variables etc. in qualified references?

- Types should always be prepended with T. 
- One should avoid the use of globally visible variables. 
  They are inherently evil.  Specially when doing multithread programming.

> E.g.: gzip.xyz, is this based on a gzip unit or a gzip variable or...

Does this matter to you ? 

Normally one never uses a fully qualified identifier. 
Only when a possible name conflict exists, which 
- Should be very rare, and avoided in the first place.
- In such cases it will be obvious from the context.


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