Thanks George,

As Florian stated, my work on the optimiser overhaul has been rejected because of how intertwined it is, along with some elements of 'code smell', but there's plenty to salvage and he hasn't slammed the door on the concept.  I'm still learning to use git and patches, especially with splitting up changes.  For example, if I have changes in separate files that I want to split up, how might one go about it without manually modiying the patch files? (As an easy example, I split up the uComplex patches into two... one with the alignment and vectorcall changes, and the other with the "const" modifier in the parameters).

I haven't heard anything regarding the node semantic pass yet.

Gareth aka. Kit

On 28/10/2019 17:29, George Bakhtadze wrote:
> Oh yeah, conflict resolution is the thing nobody really gets right, but TGit is
> a bit less wrong.
> I've pretty much resigned myself to Ctrl-F ">>>>>"...
I use Intellij IDEA as VCS client (both git and svn supported).
Patches, partial commits and conflicts resolution (automatic for many cases) are there. Yes, it's not a git client but a fully featured IDE but as bonus, with a certain plugin it supports Pascal language. ;) I hope it'll help to get these changes into codebase as patches improving compiled code performance are very important at least for me.
Thanks to Gareth for this work!
Best regard, George

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