Is there support in the fpc google api units for authenticating as a
service account?

Service accounts allow an application to interact with Google APIs
without authenticating as a specific user.  Instead a service account
is created with it's own credentials, ID, and key.  By authenticating
as a service account, applications can perform tasks on behalf of the
users in a G Suite domain without having to have their login

Here is what it looks like in python:

   Create a Credentials object from the service account's
   credentials and the scopes your application needs access to.
   For example:

   [python code]
   from google.oauth2 import service_account

   SCOPES = ['']
   SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE = '/path/to/service.json'

   credentials = service_account.Credentials.from_service_account_file(
   [/python code]

   Delegate domain-wide authority

   If you have delegated domain-wide access to the service account and
   you want to impersonate a user account, use the with_subject method
   of an existing ServiceAccountCredentials object.
   For example:

   [python code]
   delegated_credentials = credentials.with_subject('')
   [/python code]

   Use the Credentials object to call Google APIs in your application.

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(btw, *thank you* Michael Van Canneyt et al. for your work in
providing the Google API support in fpc)
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