On Fri, 26 Jun 2020, Wayne Sherman via fpc-devel wrote:

Is there support in the fpc google api units for authenticating as a
service account?

Service accounts allow an application to interact with Google APIs
without authenticating as a specific user.  Instead a service account
is created with it's own credentials, ID, and key.  By authenticating
as a service account, applications can perform tasks on behalf of the
users in a G Suite domain without having to have their login

The problem with the service account is that you must create a JWT Token.
FPC does not yet have a unit that can generate *and sign* a JWT Token.

The good news is I have this weekend a reminder that I received some code that will allow me to complete the JWT Token support in FPC using at least the RSA256 signing algorithm (and some others as well).

Now all that is needed is to clone myself so I can actually do the work...

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