> On May 8, 2021, at 8:05 AM, Sven Barth <pascaldra...@googlemail.com> wrote:
>> a := TArray.Create([1,2,3]).AutoRelease;
>> We can't do this in Pascal because the AutoRelease functions return type is 
>> not compatible with the type of the caller. Could we add something like an 
>> "Any" return type to Pascal which is a type that is compatible with any 
>> class? This relies on an event loop that can capture this garbage and 
>> dispose of it but it goes a LONG way in helping with common memory 
>> management problems.
> Dynamic arrays are reference counted, thus you don't need to do any manual 
> memory management on them.

That was a bad example. It's for ANY class really.

o := TObject.Create.AutoRelease;

Then next event cycle the autorelease pool frees all the objects added to it. 
Very simple but effective however we can't do this in Pascal without a new 
permissive return type. 

        Ryan Joseph

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