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> The introduction of generics and their abundant use in Delphi has noticably 
> slowed down the compiler and increased binary sizes. To my dismay, compile 
> times of 20 seconds up to 2 minutes have become not uncommon in Delphi. 
> Something almmost unthinkable in D7 days.

Is it badly optimized or just overused? I don't have any way to compare but FPC 
seems pretty good with generics (Sven will know if there are any optimizations 
that could be made). Implicit function specialization will appear (at least at 
first) without any optimizations but I'll fix that later.

> If that can be avoided by use of a keyword for 90% of use cases, I think it 
> is worth thinking about it and not dismissing it offhand.

I already raised the idea of an "auto" keyword some years ago already and it 
got rejected in favor of record operators.

        Ryan Joseph

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