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> It's not about reference counted classes vs. managed records, but about 
> whether it's *per type* or *per variable*, the implementation details are 
> completely irrelevant for now.

So the biggest concern you see if that classes are easier to assign to 
non-reference counted classes? The only difference between classes and records 
in this regard is that records give errors unless you assign directly to the 
same record type, where classes can be assigned to super-classes which may not 
be managed.

As you say there would need to be at least a warning if you cast a managed 
class to another class type or make it forbidden completely. I don't see that 
as a deal breaker personally but you seem to feel pretty strongly about it.

Anyways I wrote up a little wiki with some potential implementation notes about 
a default property (which overlaps on the "defaults implements" as traits 
stuff). Important points are restricting what types can be default properties 
(classes and maybe/probably typed pointers) and limiting hoisting to 
subscripting, so it's kind of like the -> operator overload in C++.


        Ryan Joseph

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