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> It's more lightweight than eclipse.

Well that's comparing Apples to Oranges isn't it? Yes originally Eclipse
was designed as an IDE for many languages, but it has grown to be so
much more - even a platform to base new applications on (similar to VCL,
LCL etc).

Granted I haven't played much with VSCode, but considering it is built
on the same foundations as Atom, Sublime Text... ie CSS/HTML engine,
they are quite resource intensive.

But then I guess I'm comparing them as pure text editors in the lines of
EditPad Pro, Vim, gEdit etc that uses a fraction of the memory (one
example of resource usage) to load the same set of files. eg: The last
time I tried Atom (2 months ago) it used 380MB to load a set of 10 large
Java files. jEdit used 180MB and EditPad Pro used 18MB. Vim was
something like 8MB - lol.


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