Dear MR Barth,
You are elite programmer and thank you very very much for yours detailed and
professional description.
To be honest, I have occured The most positive feeling thanks to Pascal
language. Because PPCJVM creates .class files and Android build tools
transfer it to .dex format. I can run many variousapps on Android.
The most exciting fact is, that There are two projects which can enable
visually impaired users with no sight at all program for Android. Resulting
GUI of apps are fully accessible with screen readers. Code is reliable and
memory allocations are very friendly, if developer work as he should work
with his source code and Pascal commands.
Contain VCL units. Author have been inspired by Borland Delphi VCL. Sure
code have been his and adapted for PPCJVM Android development. Visually
impaired users and not only those users can specify adjectives to specify
object to left, top, bottom, ETC.
There are even adjectives to speciy font name, size.
Sure. Java programmers can also do that. But I love Pascal very much. I do
not like combining .java with .xml files. Pascal language is structured and
its procedural form enable Me to develop more effectively. Pandroid from MR
Swianovitz contain various modules and I can develop with noneed to add
object position values in Pixels. It is not easy to imagine The value if
developer do not see at all. But thanks to people, who have develop unique
aalgorithms, object position values are only volunteer not mandatory.
GUI is acceptable even by sighted users. No data are overlapping and there
are even no system crashes. Mr Swianovitz is very kind to Me. He has helped
Me very very much and I would like to publicly thank him for his complex
He has generated bass Pascal unit for Me. And he has shown Me how to call
Android APi functions.
The most difficult task is to generate Android Pascal headers. Android, etc.
Process is so complex that it can not be develop to work fully automated. It
is necessary to deeply know Java and Pascal and it is necessary to swap
It is really work for professional. But eljuko have done it not only for Me.
He was very patient and I Am deeply appreciating his approach to My ples and
he is good programmer.
Pandroid even allow to combine not only to .dex but Pascal sources can be
even compiled to .so libraryes by using ARM instructions machine code.
And resulting GUI is fully accessible.

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