Dear specialists,
My long term dream is to develop simple Android IDE which will be able to
compile Pascal app based on PPCJVM to The fully functional .apk package. The
first what I would like to plea you is to give Me direct link to download
PPCJVM for ARM64. So PPCJVM, which can compile Pascal sources to .class
Unfortunately, I do not know, who have developed Android build tools for
Android, not for Windows or for Linux and if those build tools can be
legally downloaded from somewhere.
If such IDE will not be available, Android pascal proramming will dye. May
be, that some members of this mailing list would be even happy because of
it, but I think, that it would be very sad. Because PPCJVM is excellent
compiler. Sure. Development for Android require also Android APIS knowledge
and Java programming. Because some specific tasks can not be made only by
using Pascal source code without some Java language parts. It is true and
sad fact, but it is impossible to change it.
I hope, that somebody polite and kind will release PPCJVM for ARM64
architecture. If it would require many hours of complex Pascal programming,
I will respect it and I will never bother because of it again.
I do not want to do something bad. I really want to bring Pascal language to
many developers. I know, that Delphi Tokio also support Android. But The
positive aspect of apps which have been created by using PPCJVM is, that GUI
are 100 % accessible with screen readers.
I can also use Termux and ArchLinux to make Me dream to come true. But I
would be rather to use some language, which would allow users to develop
directly from Android without combining it with Linux. Now I only know about
IDE, which can create ARM binaries. But those apps are only console based.
No typical Android GUI. My biggest issues are how to find Android build
tools compatible with Android. Because Android is not Linux. It must be
possible to get it from some places.
Thank you very much for yours help and for yours support.

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