On 22/05/2020 12:42, Mgr. Janusz Chmiel via fpc-other wrote:
> I do not know, if does make sense to compile PPCJVM for WIndows frou latest
> stable trunk, if there was An change in its source code between Dec 2017 and
> now.

There have been some changes, but no new features have been added. There
have been no major bugfixes either.

> The following command do not work from Windows, because Make need binutils
> installed. BUt I can not run Linux commands from WSL in A combination with
> Windows executable at The same time.

You don't need to use WSL to compile FPC under Windows (for JVM or for
any other target).

> When I type The following command
> make all FPC=c:\fpc\bin\i386\ppcjvm.exe JVM=1
> Make refuses to run without binutils installed. Overide binutils some
> special option some time also do not work.

FPC should come with the necessary binutils, so just running that
command in a regular cmd window should work.

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