I do not know, if does make sense to compile PPCJVM for WIndows frou latest
stable trunk, if there was An change in its source code between Dec 2017 and
The following command do not work from Windows, because Make need binutils
installed. BUt I can not run Linux commands from WSL in A combination with
Windows executable at The same time.

When I type The following command
make all FPC=c:\fpc\bin\i386\ppcjvm.exe JVM=1
Make refuses to run without binutils installed. Overide binutils some
special option some time also do not work.
So please, which command can I type to compile PPCJVM from Windwos for
Or it do not make sense, since PPCJVM source code did not change from 2017
Dec month?
Thank you very much for yours answer.

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