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Hi wrote,

>I said nothing about Joanna on #irc or #pascal, so she's basing it on
>what I said on fpc-other. You guys have read what I said. Did that
>sound like slander and harassment to you? To me it sounded like an
>honest critique of her moderation practices.

Indeed; it's pure revenge. :-( I believe that you might contact the server 
administrators and ask them if they consider this an acceptable behaviour.

>I had thought that Joanna meant it when she said she'd step down from
>her operator status at #fpc to allow for somebody else to take that
>over, and I thought we were all going to be happy, but obviously I was

I believe that you misinterpreted her statement. If I understand it correctly, 
she just wrote that somebody could invite the banned people to a different 
channel, but she never considered to free her supposed kingdom. :-(

>I suggest the FPC project remove channel #fpc from
>https://wiki.freepascal.org/FPC_IRC_channel . There's no need to
>subject any FPC using people or people who want to use FPC to the kind
>of moderation that now happens on #fpc. Like it or not, the extreme
>moderation practices on #fpc reflect very badly on the FPC project.

I would think that the disclaimer added to those pages should be sufficient?

>Speaking for myself, I'll continue using Lazarus, but I'm setting aside
>my plans to start doing more new construction of regular executables
>using Free Pascal.

Well, it's up to you whether and how you use FPC, but deciding it depending on 
somebody's behaviour on an IRC channel is kind of similar thinking to Joanna's 
actions ("since somebody wrote something somewhere, I'll do something somewhere 


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