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> the fact that she is using statements made elsewhere to justify her actions
> in some IRC channels that she moderates raises quite a number of red
> flags... red flags that should maybe be taken to that IRC network's admins
> if anyone cares to really do something about them...

Unfortunately, that is not possible, as per libera.chat's network policy
(which I consider a net benefit in general -- but as with free speech, there's
some nasty side effects to be had).

Check out https://paste.debian.net/plain/1273023 for one such failed attempt
in particular.

The tl;dr version:

Joanna interrogates a new user (disso_peach) how/why they were interested in
fpc. disso_peach (afaiui) states they are developing a new OS and would like
to port fpc to it.

After that particular strand of conversation dies down, Joanna takes a while
of silence to ban disso_peach ([01:00:45]). I (colo) inquire why disso_peach 
had been
banned, and the reson given reads "[15:21:40] <Joanna> He was trying to
discredit our community".

Joanna then begins to interrogate me in her usual fashion, and I endure the
public ordeal to make my case against her abuse of power.

Two IRC network operators present in the channel (Boohumbug and
jess-o-lantern) come to the conclusion that "[16:28:39] <jess-o-lantern> that
you're running the channel quite toxicly", and "[16:28:41] <Boohumbug> _YOU_
are the common denominator in this." (both adressing Joanna with that).

They continue and effectively conclude with "[16:29:42] <jess-o-lantern>
there's nothing staff can or should do about that, channels are free to run
themselves how they want, but my opinion is you're running this channel with
unnecessary and arbitrary use of power"

-- tl;dr fin --

Therefore, any change regarding #fpc and its moderation style/personnel will
have to originate from those who have power over the *channel*, not from those
with who have power over the *network* hosting it.

with best regards:
- Johannes Truschnigg ( johan...@truschnigg.info )

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