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After reading this email that I am replying to here, and revisiting the #fpc logs, the only conclusion I can make is that Nikolay Nikolov == "Joanna".

Are you joking?

No, this is what it looks like to me, you are "Joanna".

But I encourage everyone else to make their own conclusion given the information provided.

Please, stop this witch hunting game. No, Nikolay isn"t Joanna. I thought that there was only one person throwing accusations without any evidence in this whole discussion, but it seems that I was wrong. :-( Please, be better at least by being able to admit your mistake. Asking Nikolay for an excusing you would be the right thing to do if you want to know my opinion....

No, I object to "without any evidence": I posted the evidence is here:


If you take the time to read the logs, I *think* you will see that I was not being confrontational at all. If you think I am wrong, please explain where and why,

What more do you want? I'm not Joanna and I didn't ban you. The channel is run by her, because none of the FPC developers (including me) have time. Therefore, it's not an official FPC channel. You're free to join the alternative channel #fpc-alt, or create your own.

I called you confrontational, because you went on a crusade against her, on the mailing list, instead of trying to talk to her and cooperate and gain her trust. I understand it's annoying for new users to be interrogated. I don't think it's the right approach, but I don't have time to try to do a better job at moderation. However, 2 years ago, the channel on FreeNode was practically unmoderated, and was overrun by trolls and the experience was horrible for both new users as well as for old users. Now, at least, the existing users are fine and it's possible to discuss normal things about Pascal, but unfortunately new users have to jump through hoops, until they gain Joanna's trust. It's not exactly a dictatorship, it's probably better compared to a "visa regime". But 2 years ago, it was a burning trash can/landfill. I'm afraid that without moderation the channel will turn back to what it was back then. Moderating a channel is not that easy.

I think the solution to no longer endorse #fpc as an official channel is fair. Since FPC developers don't have the time to moderate an official channel, anybody can join any unofficial channel that they want. If you don't like Joanna's policies, you can join #fpc-alt, make it a better and more welcoming to new users place and, if you're doing a better job it will eventually grow bigger than #fpc and most people will prefer it. Or, if you're unhappy with #fpc-alt's moderation, you can create another unofficial channel and do an even better job.

Also, things like your issues are probably better discussed on a mailing list or forum anyway. On IRC, in a single channel, there can usually be only one discussion at a time, and it's necessary for the people in this moment to be interested in the topic. On a forum or mailing list, you can post a topic and wait for an answer and it doesn't interfere with people, who discuss other topics. On IRC, posting a question, while other people are talking about something else can be perceived at trying to hijack the conversation and shut it down. I'm not saying you were doing that, but it can be perceived that way, while that's less likely to happen in forums and mailing lists.

I won't comment much on your accusations of me being Joanna's sock puppet account. All I'm going to say, it's at best a very bad judgement on your part, at worst - a very lame attempt at trolling. I won't necessarily assume malicious intent on your part, however it's bordering on being very suspicious. So let's pretend you never said it.


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