As long as we are on the topic of trolling ..
I would like giantm (Marc) or anyone else who was there for a long duration to 
share the channel logs for what happened in #lazarus channel {which is 
unfortunately an official channel with link in forums website} after I became 
unable to moderate it. I never did much there besides ban people actually 
trolling. Lurkers were always allowed.

Contrast the channel before which didn’t have much activity with the spam 
discrediting Lazarus ide and promoting their cancel culture campaign to hijack 
our #fpc channel and directing people to Fpc-other.

Now that they have for the time being given up on the goal of hijacking #fpc, 
it seems to be just the colo account in there saying things to make Lazarus ide 
look like it has problems.

I don’t think that leaving the #lazarus channel like this is a good idea and 
definitely is not going to encourage anyone to use Lazarus ide.
I advise that the channel should either be moderated properly or shut down.
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