Hi, everyone. I have inherited a template that is fairly well made, but 
has some problems. Before I work on it, I thought I would see if you 
know of any standards for  paragraph and character tag names.

For example, the current template uses these paragraph tag names:


Both S1 is for Step 1; S and S+ act as Step +. (I don't know why there 
are two tags that appear to have  the same function. A mistake? Or am I 
missing something?)

Is there a resource that offers well-considered advice on good, standard 
tag names?

I would probably name these tags Step 1 and Step + -- but that's just 
me. Maybe there's a better idea out there.

If there were suggested standard tag names for technical manuals, we 
would all spend less time getting up to speed on legacy templates.

If you know of a resource, I will be glad to hear of it.

Oh -- I'm using Framemaker 7.1. Out of curiosity, does Adobe yet include 
a user guide template in its standard templates?


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