Not sure why your SMEs would need Acrobat if you're the one pulling it all 
together in the TCS. You'll probably find the volume licensing from Adobe for 
TCS is cheaper than getting FM10 & Acrobat X for each SME. Besides, if you load 
Captivate on them, you just might get some videos embedded in your FM docs from 
them ;>) 

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[] On Behalf Of Graham, Jasmine S
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 4:50 PM
Subject: Need Advice on Upgrade Strategies for FM and Acrobat

Hello Fellow Framers,

I need your advice on how to best recommend a strategy for new Frame and 
Acrobat software purchases/licensing/upgrades/maintenance contracts, etc. I 
apologize for the lengthy email with many questions, but I'm sure I'm still 
overlooking some important points.

I currently have the TCS1 package FM 8 (structured), Acrobat 9, Robohelp, 
Captivate, on Windows XP SP3. For 2+ years, I've been the only FM user here 
(everyone else uses Word). Frame's strong points are helping me to develop and 
maintain large amounts of new technical documentation. So, I've won some 
support for it, which I am really thrilled about.

Now there is an interest in purchasing FM for possibly 3-4 SMEs who will be 
drafting documentation for my project. These folks perform engineering and 
testing functions (writing is not their primary task), but their manager sees 
value/potential in using Frame vs. Word and wants to gain momentum with it.


-- We should all use the latest Frame (10). Should I upgrade Frame only on my 
PC, or should I really consider the full TCS3 upgrade?  I already have 
Photoshop. The other folks don't need Robohelp/Captivate, so TCS3 is overkill 
for them.

-- All of us need a compatible Acrobat (I have no idea what to expect if we 
install Frame 10 on one of these laptops with an older version of Acrobat). 
Should I recommend the latest Acrobat for everyone just to be safe?

-- Are there some reliable, yet also fairly reasonable 
licensing/upgrade/maintenance strategies to keep us all in sync?

-- What's beneficial to do now in case we should add Frame users again down the 

-- What gotchas, headaches, and other things must I think about before I jump 
into the deep end??

Since day one, I've not had any problems with my TCS1 setup, so I'm quite 
nervous about introducing new software versions without introducing unwanted 
special effects. :-)

I also know that there will be a learning curve and I'll have to train the 
others, create cheat sheets, and so forth. And, I must get familiar with the 
new interface, too. I'm confident I can manage these things. Also, I've made 
every effort to keep the template streamlined and simple, so hopefully, that 
will help, too.

THANKS IN ADVANCE for all words of wisdom and experience in this area!! :)

Jasmine Graham
Technical Writer, Research and Development
Wireline Services
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