According to the Acrobat X Online Help:

"Your search for broken link did not match any documents."

> From: Lin Sims <>
>To: Frame Users <> 
>Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 10:50 AM
>Subject: Finding broken links in a PDF
>Has Adobe added a tool for finding broken links in a PDF yet? If so,
>where is it? One of my coworkers is looking at a document that is
>umpty-pages long with even umptier numbers of links. It just isn't
>possible to find and click all of them to see if they all work, and
>work as intended. As I recall, the lack of a tool like this has been a
>long-standing issue with Acrobat, and I was kinda hoping they'd fixed
>it by now.
>(For reference, the files are structured FrameMaker being saved as PDF
>from a book file created using Leximation's DITA-FMx plugin, and it's
>Adobe Acrobat X.)
>Lin Sims

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