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>Has Adobe added a tool for finding broken links in a PDF yet? If so,
>where is it? One of my coworkers is looking at a document that is
>umpty-pages long with even umptier numbers of links. It just isn't
>possible to find and click all of them to see if they all work, and
>work as intended. As I recall, the lack of a tool like this has been a
>long-standing issue with Acrobat, and I was kinda hoping they'd fixed
>it by now.
>(For reference, the files are structured FrameMaker being saved as PDF
>from a book file created using Leximation's DITA-FMx plugin, and it's
>Adobe Acrobat X.)

Hi Lin!  Link checking is built in to Mif2Go for
HTML conversions; it produces an error report in
Frame that links to every error it finds.  See
the User's Guide, par. 5.1.5, "Checking for broken 
links in HTML or XML output".  It doesn't matter
that the output in this case is PDF; just run an
HTML project using default settings, which takes
a minute or two, and check the report.

Since you don't need usable HTML output for this
to work, you can just use the free unlimited demo 
version.  Just one of the many free perks (like
runfm and Wash via MIF) we've built in to Mif2Go.

On the new Web site, <http://mif2go.com>, you need
to register first, then after activation you can
download.  Be sure and put something related to
Frame or Mif2Go in the bio field; that's how we
sort out real signups from the frequent spammer 
attempts.  We've had to exclude gmail and hotmail
addresses for the same reason...


-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
  <jer...@omsys.com>    http://mif2go.com/

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