On 2013-Jun-03 1:27 PM, Jerilynne Knight wrote:
Another way I've done this is to insert at least 3 tab characters (not tab stops) before the page number. Maybe that will give you a bit of automation for those long entries.

... Jerilynne means, "on the reference page" for the TOC or other generated file.

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 11:02 AM, Jay Mahler <j...@mahler.com <mailto:j...@mahler.com>> wrote:

    I’m sure you’ve all had the problem with TOCs, LOTs, LOFs, and
    even indexes. When the title reaches the end of the line (or too
    many index entries), the tab character that should position the
    page number at right aligned tab doesn’t work, and the page number
    appears left justified on the second line with or without
    continued text. I’ve always gone through and manually fixed the
    issue by inserting soft returns after the lists are generated, but
    I have a client with a huge document and LOTs and LOFs that are 20
    pages each. Has anyone figured out an automated way to fix this
    problem? My experiments haven’t turned up a solution.

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