Hi Alex, 

the main problem is to have a bullet big enough for a
number with two digits. 

I produced a test font, where the bullet is
very big and starts below the normal font line. 

Everything else works
fine. The bullet character tag gets around -42% for the distance which
will pull the following numbered paragraph on top. 

Of course, this
will only help until you reach the number 100. 

I will send you my
examples off-list. 

Best regards - 

Tino H. Haida, Berlin


> Greetings, fellow Framers. 
> Two of us in
the office have tried many ways to get autonumbering to work properly in
a run-in head configuration, but we're getting very strange results, no
matter what we do. 
> As shown below, the autonumbering works fine up
to "9," but then goes to "01," "11," "21," and so forth. (As you can
see, we also have centering issues to eventually resolve.) 
> What
you are looking at is a glyph in "Bullet" Paragraph Tag (autonumber =
B:●t). "Bullet" is a run-in paragraph. 
> The next tag is "Bullet
Number" (autonumber = N:t<n=1>t) or (N:t<n+>t). This is a non-run-in
> We've experimented with resets and changes to series
designations between the run-in and the non-run-in paragraphs, but
nothing we've tried so far has worked. The best we've managed is to
produce a "10," but the "10" appears at the beginning of the list,
followed by numbers 1 through 9, and then numbers that increment in 10s,
as before; that is, "01," "11," "21," and so forth. 
> Does anyone
happen to have a solution for this? 
> I would really appreciate some
> I suppose it doesn't make any difference, but we are using
FrameMaker 11. 
> Alex Lukes
> Communications Specialist
> T&D
Standards & Publications
> Southern California Edison 

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