Your centering problem is easily solved by having a new style called "Bullet Number 10+" that you use for enumeration above 9, with slightly different tab stops than "Bullet Number". That's a bit of a hack in modern FM autonumbering strategies; but you're already using <n=1> (rather than an introductory heading that resets with "N:< =0>") so I guess you're cool with more-manual style selection.

As for the bizarre enumeration sequence... I got nuthin'--never seen such a thing in 15 years. Do you have some kind of character style applied to the autonumber that could (somehow?!?) be rendering backwards? Hmmm... or maybe the first "\t" is a right-aligned tab stop and it is setup weird (like, with line height and space below = 0) and so what you're seeing is a line wrap? That would cause this "left-to-right reading number"... maybe....

As an experiment, I'd try my creation of "Bullet Number 10+" and see if the problem goes away...? Or MAYBE make a "Bullet Number 10" which forces "N:\t<n=10>\t" with the new, slightly-more-to-the-right tab stop position; and then use "Bullet Number 11+" to increment further? *shudder*

Kneejerk Response #13: Any chance of refactoring content not to run over 9 items? Like, if these are callouts to a diagram, can you start with an 'overview' set of callouts, and then cross-reference to more-specific 'sub-callouts' in subsequent diagrams? For example:

"Diagram overview"
<full image>
1 FOO region of the WIDGET. See "FOO region" below
2 BAR region of the WIDGET. See "BAR region" below. 

"FOO region"
<zoomed-in image>
1 ...
2 ...
3 ...

"BAR region"
<zoomed-in image>
1 ...
2 ...
3 ...

That would buy you 99 potential callouts (or steps, whatever) without needing to solve either the centering problem or the bizarre enumeration bug.

As shown below, the autonumbering works fine up to "9," but then goes to "01," "11," "21," and so forth. (As you can see, we also have centering issues to eventually resolve.)

What you are looking at is a glyph in "Bullet" Paragraph Tag (autonumber = B:‚óŹ\t). "Bullet" is a run-in paragraph.

The next tag is "Bullet Number" (autonumber = N:\t<n=1>\t) or (N:\t<n+>\t). This is a non-run-in paragraph.

We've experimented with resets and changes to series designations between the run-in and the non-run-in paragraphs, but nothing we've tried so far has worked. The best we've managed is to produce a "10," but the "10" appears at the beginning of the list, followed by numbers 1 through 9, and then numbers that increment in 10s, as before; that is,  "01," "11," "21," and so forth.

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