On 2013-Sep-09 5:19 PM, Matt Sullivan wrote:
I had to do that approximately eleventh-six hundred times in writing the Fm11 book!

I set my cursor in the text, between ()'s, and hit paste. Then I used Alt+(down arrow) to wrangle it into position. I don't know that you'll find a faster solution than that...


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On Sep 9, 2013, at 8:28 AM, Alastair Dent <alastair.d...@imgtec.com <mailto:alastair.d...@imgtec.com>> wrote:

I need to be able to quickly insert graphics (button icons) into instructions.
I’ve had a brief go at this and it seems needlessly complex
Paste graphic
Select frame, chance to ‘anchor at insertion point’.
I still end up with a button icon floating too high.
What am I missing?


Doesn't FM 11 allow you to create Object tags similar to Pgf tags? I only have FM 10, so don't know if that would be a solution.

For myself, I would create suitably sized and populated anchored frames in a text box on a reference page, with each frame anchored At Insertion Point and Distance Below Baseline set to -3pt or whatever suits the font size/leading. Then I'd copy/paste frames from that "button library" as required. Note to Alistair, I do hope you are importing the graphic only once, by reference, and then copying/pasting that instance? Not a good idea to import by copying into the document over and over.


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