Hi Stuart, I did consider the Object styles, but the difference in sizes of inline graphics seemed too much to manage. The Alt+arrow method was easy enough to apply per graphic. 

I did search through the maker.ini for a way to set a better default baseline, but couldn't locate one.

Object styles were a HUGE help with larger graphics, though. They allowed rapid, more sophisticated formatting of the screen captures, and actually trimmed 100 pages off Sarah's previous 800 page Fm8 book. Also, the better positioning helped keep text descriptions next to the graphics instead of above/below/on the following page.

I did create a table of graphics for oft-used buttons from the  toolbars to help with locating and importing the buttons. Ultimately I put the parens and the graphic (with repositioned baseline) into the table, and was pretty happy with the rate at which I could reuse those chunks.


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On Sep 9, 2013, at 2:29 PM, Stuart Rogers <srog...@phoenix-geophysics.com> wrote:

On 2013-Sep-09 5:19 PM, Matt Sullivan wrote:
I had to do that approximately eleventh-six hundred times in writing the Fm11 book!

I set my cursor in the text, between ()'s, and hit paste. Then I used Alt+(down arrow) to wrangle it into position. I don't know that you'll find a faster solution than that...



Doesn't FM 11 allow you to create Object tags similar to Pgf tags?  I only have FM 10, so don't know if that would be a solution.

For myself, I would create suitably sized and populated anchored frames in a text box on a reference page, with each frame anchored At Insertion Point and Distance Below Baseline set to -3pt or whatever suits the font size/leading. Then I'd copy/paste frames from that "button library" as required.  Note to Alistair, I do hope you are importing the graphic only once, by reference, and then copying/pasting that instance?  Not a good idea to import by copying into the document over and over.


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