Thanks for the advice, everyone, but with the help of Klaus Mueller, I got the 
shortcut keys I’m looking for. Here’s a copy of part of the email he sent me:

■    Generally, you can find the default shortcuts for FM commands in the config
files "\fminit\configui\cmds.cfg" or "\fminit\configui\wincmds.cfg".

■    The shortcuts for those 2 commands are (in English FM versions):

–    Graphics:
• Rotate 90 Degrees Clockwise: Esc g+
• Rotate 90 Degrees Counterclockwise: Esc g-

–    Page:
• Rotate Page Clockwise: Esc pO
• Rotate Page Counterclockwise: Esc po

He’s got a FrameScript script called “Report Commands” that generates a list of 
shortcut definitions for whatever FrameMaker you have installed, so if you have 
custom ones, it’ll list those, too.

I tried the rotate page ones and they work.

Fei Min
From: Heiko Haida []
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 8:35 PM
To: Fei Min Lorente; Framers
Subject: RE: Shortcut keys for rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise

Hello Fei Min,

you are probably right with presuming that there is no way to apply the "rotate 
page" command to more that just the actual page.
I could not find any hint about this.

Of course you could: Remap the command to a different, shorter shortcut. Or: 
Add the command to a menu.
All this would not solve your problem, I think.

One way would be to write a short program (e.g. with framescript or with 
Extendscript) that lets you enter the relevant pages and either rotates them 
this way or back.
(Unfortunately I am no help in writing this tool.)

I thing the best approach is to work with a rotated master page, as was already 

You should define one new master page with landscape orientation and a main 
text frame in it in the appropriate size, in a comfortable view for editing. It 
is not necessary to add headers and footers unless these were also continuous 
textflows. Nor is it necessary to create different left and right pages, as you 
would only use the page temporariliy.

As you are obviously working with structured applications, this new page should 
be applied to your template, so that it becomes available in each document that 
you generate.

This done, you can apply the master page to the page range where the index is 
located with a single command (in the master page menu). Then you would edit 
the content. The you would reapply the master pages that are intended to be 
used here. Probably you have to distinguish between right and left pages, so 
this time you would need two actions to get back to the original format.

And thats it...

Other solutions are:
-- You could use a screen that can be rotated... I have one, but with a 
configuration like this (screen rotated, content editable but not *really* 
rotated), it takes some skill to move the cursor, either with a mouse or with 
the arrow keys...

-- Or you could use the landscape orientation page as a standard for your index 
pages and not the 8x11 inch portrait master pages.
Depending on what the purpose is, you may then e.g. simply rotate the pages in 
the final PDF as the very last step. This would also be helpful for reviewing 
the content meanwhile in the PDF. In Acrobat, the rotation is only one single 
command for a page range.

Best regards -

Tino H. Haida, Berlin

Fei Min Lorente:

Oh, I see the confusion. Okay, I have an 8.5 x 11 book, so all the pages are 
the same size. For this appendix, the first couple of pages and the last page 
are normal portrait. The tables in between these pages are rotated so that the 
top is always at the left and the bottom is always at the right, but the header 
and footer are still at the top and bottom edges (short sides of the page). The 
master pages are applied by a structured master page map which triggers on an 
attribute value.

If there is a quick, easily reversible way to rotate all the pages so I can 
edit them, then rotate them all back, I'd be okay with that too. They are 
contiguous. But I tried selecting all the pages and it only lets me highlight 
one at a time. Maybe messing with the master page is the best option?

Fei Min

-----Original Message-----

[<>] On 
Behalf Of Robert Lauriston

Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 4:32 PM

To: Fei Min Lorente;<>

Subject: Re: Shortcut keys for rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise

Maybe I don't understand what you're trying to do. I thought you meant 
landscape pages.

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 12:39 PM, Fei Min Lorente 
<<>> wrote:
I did. So they're showing up sideways, but I can't edit them that way. Do you 
mean unrotate the master pages and apply them temporarily so I can edit? Fei 
Min -----Original Message----- From:<> 
[<>] On 
Behalf Of Robert Lauriston Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 3:36 PM To: Fei Min 
Subject: Re: Shortcut keys for rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise Instead of 
manually rotating pages, you should define a rotated master page.

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