Hi Wim, 

I have seen something like that, but I dont know exactly how the trick

It was also structured FM. The graphics were all on the reference page
in individual frames.
On the master page, there was a textflow frame with a "normal"
paragraph, no variables (I think). You would have to see that the
setting for "Frame Above Pgf" is set to the specific frame on the
reference page with the graphic needed. 

As I said, I know it is possible, but there are some things missing here
that I do not remember. At the time I worked with the files, my focus
was only on the typesetting work. 

Another option:
Similarly, instead of using the reference pages, you may put all
graphics in a font (if possible). 
For the sinchronization of H/F appearance and related chapter (or
heading) you could use a marker in the heading with just the letter that
stands for the graphic in the font The marker could be referenced on the
master page with a variable. 

Good luck - 

Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

Wim Hooghwinkel - idtp: 

> Hi, 
> one of my clients wants to use images as (in) H/F variables. This can not be 
> done using default FM functions, as a variable can not contain an image. 
> Has anyone handled this kind of formatting and can give me some suggestions? 
> Or may be someone has a script available to replace H/F with an image - I 
> guess an image that should be taken from the content, just like a H/F takes 
> the heading text from the content. 
> Note: this is structured FM (XML, not DITA) and currently moving tom FM7 to 
> FM10/11. 
> thanks, 
> Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
> Wim Hooghwinkel 
> IEn2013 [1]
> tel. +31652036811
> Skype wimhooghwinkel
> Twitter @idtp @ien2013
> i...@idtp.eu 
> www.idtp.eu [2]
> FrameMaker support: framema...@idtp.eu

[1] http://informationenergy.org/
[2] http://www.idtp.eu

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