While Robert is essentially correct, I have written dozens of scripts for
clients that are working fine. I agree that FrameScript is a much better
scripting environment for FrameMaker.


FrameMaker's ExtendScript support is typical of other new features added to
FrameMaker: they add features but rarely improve on them. They have to have
"new" to justify the next new version. Contrast this with InDesign that
continually improves existing features in addition to adding new features.




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Is that still true for the latest FM versions? I have some extend scripts
running without issues.


Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Wim Hooghwinkel



Op 23 okt. 2013, om 18:03 heeft Robert Lauriston <rob...@lauriston.com> het
volgende geschreven:

ExtendScript is buggy, unsupported, and only partially documented.



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