Save the files as MIF, and then search and destroy the references. :-)
Then reopen and save as FM.

> On October 21, 2013 at 1:28 PM Karen Robbins <> wrote:
>  Hi Framers,
>  My document previously contained two graphics, which have long since been
> deleted (related text no longer exists). Yet on each open, Frame 11 looks for
> them and I have to click the "Ignore..." button to move on. I've run a LOR and
> Frame reports these graphics on a given page. I cannot find them on that page;
> in fact, I've shrunk the main flow text box, moved it around, etc. and still
> don't find any hidden graphics. I've enlarged the view to 400% and can't find
> any nearly-hidden markers or anything that might reveal a ghost graphic. I
> tried a mif wash, to no avail...Frame still looks for these graphics.
>  I realize I could fetch the graphics and file them such that Frame can find
> them, but that would just be wrong.
>  What else can I try to get these ghosts to go to stop haunting my document?
>  Thanks,
>  Karen


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