At 11:24 -0500 11/12/13, Art Campbell wrote:

>Isolating the graphics one by one would be approach. I have a hunch it'll be a 
>.PDF or .EPS; maybe conflicting versions of PostScript or something obscure 
>like that.


>One important item you left out of your description is whether you're using 
>the distiller head that's installed by the FM distribution or have a complete 
>version of Acrobat...

I am using a complete version of Acrobat 6. I did check, though, and Acrobat 6 
doesn't seem to install AdobePS. However, as I said, I've given up on that, so 
I guess there's no point chasing the 101 error unless I can't get the 
LaserWriter 8 driver to play.

Obviously I am using an old system, but it's always *just worked*, and now it 
suddenly doesn't, I'm a bit lost. (The reason I'm not running v 10 on Windows 
is that I've been waiting for the new Mac Pro.)


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