Hi Framers,

Frame / Win 7 Enterprise SP1 / I'm on the digest list so please copy 
me on any responses.

I have a file that consistently crashes Frame when I change its conditional 
text settings.  Here's the sequence. The file uses two conditions, which I'll 
call Condition1 and Condition2.

1. Open the file and select Special > Conditional Text > Show/Hide Conditional 
2. Change anything in the window except to hide Condition1.
3. Click Apply.  Boom! (Internal error 10024, 5989862, 5990284, 4795407.)  This 
is very repeatable with this one file.  (And yes, I've sent the error log to 
the fmerror@ adobe group.)

Of note:

*  If I hide Condition1 (assuming it's showing), I don't get the crash.  All 
other changes in the Show/Hide window cause the crash.

*  I tried closing the file and clicking it in the context of the book.  
Selecting View > Show/Hide Conditional Text and applying changes still causes 
the crash.

*  I asked a couple of colleagues to test the above steps on their machines and 
they also got the crash.  (One's on Frame, the other same as me,

*  I can change condition settings for other files, including other files in 
the same book, through the UI without crashing.

*  I can use a FrameScript to set the doc's ShowCondIndicators and 
CondFmt.CondFmtIsShown as needed.  This is my work-around for the time being.

*  I can save the file to MIF, open as text and change <CState CHidden> to 
<CState CShown> for my two conditions. When I re-open in Frame, the conditions 
are showing, with condition indicators on. (Anyone know the MIF equivalent of 
"don't Show Condition Indicators"?  I searched for "cond" and "condition" and 
didn't find anything recognizable as such.)

Possibly also of note:

*  Last week when this started happening, I tried a reboot (in the absence of 
other ideas).  When my machine came back up, it blue-screened-so there may be a 
systemic issue not related to Frame.  However since my colleagues were able to 
reproduce the problem, environment issues are not the sole cause.

Have any of you seen something similar to this before? Or have any ideas about 
how to un-corrupt the file?


Anita Maria Gutierrez
Curriculum Developer
Sage Construction and Real Estate
Sage Software

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