Thanks to everyone who jumped in to help.  Besides fixing my file, I learned a 

The problem turned out to be caused by a table whose conditional text settings 
were “funny” (Gary’s word). Meaning:

• The table anchor was unconditional.
• Several table rows had a condition applied.
• Some text inside conditional table cells also had the same condition as the 
row applied.  However, the end-of-flow symbols in some of these dual-condition 
cells were unconditional.  (Don’t ask why I set the table up this way.  It made 
sense at the time.)

It seems that Frame didn’t know what to do with an end-of-cell symbol that has 
no cell in which to live—as happened when I hid the condition. That’s actually 
kind of reasonable, although Frame could handle it more gracefully than 
crashing.  (Apparently this has been a known bug at least since version 7.  
Adobe folks?)

When I cleaned up the table to use conditions only on text (not table rows or 
cells), everything worked fine.

Also, thanks to Stuart for pointing me to the MIF Reference. The MIF equivalent 
of “don’t Show Condition Indicators” is this line in the Document statement.
<DDisplayOverrides No>
Not the most intuitive term for it, but there you have it.

Thanks all!

From: Stuart Rogers []
Sent: Monday, January 13, 2014 11:19 AM
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Subject: Re: Changing conditional text settings crashes Frame

On 2014-Jan-13 1:24 PM, Gutierrez, Anita wrote:
Hi Framers,

(Anyone know the MIF equivalent of “don’t Show Condition Indicators”?  I 
searched for “cond” and “condition” and didn’t find anything recognizable as 

Search for "indicators" in:


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