Syed, I think your math is right on. I can't understand why anyone would pay more for a subscription that will render their software useless the moment they stop paying. If they fall on hard times, the perpetual license lets them at least keep working with their software as long as they can keep a compatible operating system on an old computer.

If the issue is someone not being able to come up with the upgrade fee all at once, and a monthly payment sounds more attractive, then they should consider getting a short term bank loan (or put it on a credit card) and pay the bank an even smaller monthly payment to buy the perpetual license.

And here's another thing, if a company thinks a monthly subscription is a better to budget, they might also want to think about the resale value of their company, should they ever want to sell it. A perpetual license is an asset that can be resold and adds value to a company. A subscription is future liability that reduces its value. If, as an individual, they ever want to stop using FrameMaker, they can resell their personal perpetual license and get some of their money back. Not so with a subscription.

I used to buy every upgrade of Creative Suite until it switched to the Creative Cloud model. Now, CS6 is my last purchase in that line. I won't pay big money for software that turns off completely if I stop paying. I've also bought every FM upgrade since version 6, except for v10, which offered no features that I needed. I will be buying the FM 12 upgrade for sure. But I will be done buying if FM ever goes to the subscription-only model.

Those of you buying subscriptions are making it more and more likely that the rest of us will lose the perpetual upgrade option in the near future. If you look at how hard Adobe is trying to get people to buy subscriptions, you will see that it is their desire to move FrameMaker to that model. Let's not let them take away our choices.


On 1/17/2014 9:22 AM, Syed Zaeem Hosain ( wrote:
Using an 18 month model, the software subscription for FrameMaker is: 18 * 
29.99, which is $539.82.

An upgrade is $399 for that same upgrade in that 18 month period, right? And 
then the license is perpetual (at least until Adobe abandons this model in the 
future entirely), so that version keep working once somebody stops upgrading 
(not so in the subscription case when cancelled).


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