I wanted to add some clarification to points raised in this discussion.

[1] Regarding how people behind firewalls can deal with monthly ping on 
subscription, I got some solutions from an internal source at Adobe:

"In case a user has subscription, then they would need internet access and be 
online when they install and license the software and at least once every 30 
days thereafter.
However, Government or Defense customers would most likely be using Volume 
Licensing and hence, they could either use the offline activation mechanism 
(http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/acrobat-offline-activation.html) for 
activating the product on a machine that does not has internet. Alternatively, 
they could also create a pre-activated deployment package for these products on 
a machine that has internet access and then deploy them on the offline 
machines. The second option I provided above is usually preferred in scenarios 
where the user has multiple machines."

[2] Regarding the current upgrade costs and the 40% discount, and 
discontinuation of TCS month-to-month subscription, I just posted a blog that 
summarizes the issues and resources:

"Tech Comm Suite 5: Month-to-Month Subscription Discontinued, Only Annual 
Subscription Plan Available" =  http://adobe.ly/1fCaPTD

I hope you find this helpful.


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Simon Buch wrote:

>  c. In Kapil VERMA's blog entry, there's a section about "Licensing options":
    'Furthermore, we are providing both perpetual and subscription licensing 
options on all our products. We do realize that the licensing needs of our 
customers vary and hence, we are offering both the options for you. There is 
also special upgrade pricing available as well as limited time promotional 
price for some customers. Please refer to the product homepages for exact 
pricing information (links below).'

To help summarize what I read ... as far as I can tell from the various pages 
(I am only showing the US costs).

The promotional pricing is for the subscription model of TCS 5:

1.      Subscription of TCS 5:                    $29.99 per month for the 
first year (at a discount of 40%) - goes up after 1 year.

For licensees with both FM 9 and Robohelp 8 (as I read it), there is a 
promotion discount to the full license price for each product (separately, as I 
read it):

1.      FM 12                                                 $ 599 (at a 
discount of 40%)

2.      Robohelp 11                                     $ 599 (at a discount of 

Presumably, each license cost above is separate(?) And, there is fine print 
that I am not sure how it would be applied: this promotion is "only available 
to eligible commercial and volume licensing customers worldwide" and "eligible 
retain commercial customers who purchase directly from the Adobe.com Store".

What is the definition of "commercial" in this context? Are free-lance writers 
who use FrameMaker and Robohelp not eligible?

For the new subscription model of FM 12, there is no discount:

1.      Subscription of FM 12:                   $29.99 per month.
For perpetual license upgrades to FM, there is no discount:

1.      From FM 11 to FM 12:                    $ 399

2.      From FM 11 to TCS 5:                     $ 1199

3.      From FM 10 to FM 12:                    $ 599

4.      From FM 10 to TCS 5:                     $ 1199

5.      From FM 7.x, 8, 9 to FM 12:          $ 999 (no discount from list price)

6.      From FM 7.x, 8, 9 to TCS 5:           $ 1199


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