Around here, contract technical writers are making enough money per hour
that the upgrade cost from to TCS 5 from TCS 3 or FM 10 would be less than
25 billable hours of work. (And some of these contractors are pretty limited
in how much they know about the tools they are using or even how to be
productive producing documentation.) Over a two year product cycle that
works out to be 1.15% of their income, figuring full-time weeks over two

Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

For a guy like me, who spends about half his time working on-site for
companies that provide me with Adobe tools they have licensed, it is
important to have up-to-date knowledge of the tools even if the company I'm
working for is using an older version. It certainly helps them if I can tell
them that some task is made quicker and easier for the cost of an upgrade.

I look forward to investigating Frame 12 (and the rest of Tech Suite 5)

BTW: I agree that the online license validation Adobe has is a pain in the
butt. On a recent trip to Mexico my Creative Suite 6 products wanted me, on
startup, to agree to the 30 day trial period. The suite has been on the same
laptop for a year and a half. What the hell triggered that? The change of
location? Ridiculous!



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