At 12:55 -0800 20/1/14, Matt Sullivan wrote:

>While I've not yet used the Fm12 output for ePub yet, it's very much based on 
>the Fm to Rh workflow in TCS4. I expect it to work as smoothly (very smoothly) 
>as when I published my book last year, and without requiring an Rh installation
>**Since I already have the mapping done in Rh, however, I'll likely stick with 
>that setup. To redo the setup in Fm would be extra time (perhaps 2-4 hours)
>Once set up, however, it's turnkey, and only requires processing time (varies 
>on content and graphics usage.

>From my standpoint of complete ignorance of Robohelp, could you explain the 
>apparent disconnect between 'based on the Fm to Rh workflow' and the fact that 
>ePub can be done with FM 12 alone?

My interest is purely in books: I've got little or no contact with on-line 
help, and subcontracted that part of the last job involving help.


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