The File > Utilities location I cited is where the Unicode/hex tools were 
located in FrameMaker 9 (which is what I am still using for a variety of 
reasons). Adobe being Adobe, I'm sure they have moved and/or renamed the tools 
a couple of times in the intervening releases between 9 and 12. 

The best suggestion is to open the PDF of the User Guide and search for "hex". 
This should direct you to a dozen or two locations in the manual where the 
character palette and hex input palette (or whatever they are calling  them 
now) are discussed, and those descriptions should tell you where the palettes 
are invoked.

But for common symbols like TM, registered trademark, and copyright symbols, 
the easiest solution is to use the keyboard shortcuts that you should also be 
able to find in the PDF manual:
For ­­™: Crtl+q, then *
For ®: Ctrl+q, then (
For ©: Ctrl+q, then )

Or use the standard Windows shortcuts:
For ™: Alt+0153
For®: Alt+0173
For ©: Al+0169
Note that for each of these you hold down the Alt key while typing the 4-digit 
code on the *numeric keypad* (with NumLock on, of course).

-Fred Ridder

Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014 13:20:06 -0600
Subject: Re: Cannot insert the infinity symbol and other special character 

I am using FrameMaker 12, unstructured = I don't see utilities under the file 
menu. Where would I find this ability to do diacriticals et al, and TM, 
Registered, et al?
My workaround is to use windows character map, from which I copy and paste the 
symbol I want, regardless of how it looks, into my frame document, then I go to 
Frame's Character Catalogue and select the "default paragraph font" and that 
does it. I have not had an incompatibility issue because I think I am using 
well known adobe fonts. Am l AOK with this or an accident waiting to happen?

Is the above workaround the best solution or does Frame 12 have a better one?

On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 11:00 AM, Fred Ridder <> wrote:

Ed Noodland wrote:

>Framemaker does not appear to handle hexadecimal values 
>using the ALT + numeric keypad values.  It does handle 
>decimal values but I can't determine what the different 

>code points (character values) are mapped to. ALT+8734 
>results in a solid triangle for me.

But as of FrameMaker 9, there is a tool that allows input of hexadecimal 
(Unicode) character numbers. Look at File>Utilities>Hex Input. Not as 
convenient as the Alt-key, but it works.

-Fred Ridder


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