Wow! Thanks to everyone who replied. I'm sorry I've taken so long to close this 
thread, but other work got in the way, and there were so many things to try! I 
don't think I got to them all, but here is what worked for me on my colleague's 
virtual machine:

*         Copy the infinity symbol from a Word document and use Paste Special > 
Rich Text Format in FrameMaker. If I use a regular paste, I get a question mark.

*         Copy the infinity symbol from the Windows character map 
(Programs>Accessories>System Tools) and use Paste Special. But Winfried has a 
warning that the Windows Character Map might show characters that are not part 
of the font you're using.

*         Alt+0165 as blogged by Matt Sullivan, which gave me a yen symbol, and 
then I applied the Symbol font. I was trying 221E and I think Heiko Haida tried 
to explain that I can't produce characters over 00FF hex without modifying my 
Windows, so thanks for the alternate ANSI code, Matt.

Fei Min

From: Matt Sullivan []
Sent: Friday, February 14, 2014 6:07 PM
To: Paul Wilbraham
Cc: Fei Min Lorente;
Subject: Re: Cannot insert the infinity symbol and other special character 

I was able to use the info in the FrameMaker Character Sets doc to insert using 
ANSI code 0165. The "trick" is to set the font to Symbol.

For a writeup on this, and link to the Fm7 and Fm9 PDFs (I couldn't see a 
difference, but who knows...) see

Matt R. Sullivan
co-author Publishing Fundamentals: Unstructured FrameMaker 
P: 714.798.7596 | C: 714.585.2335 |<>


On Feb 14, 2014, at 5:38 AM, Paul Wilbraham 
<<>> wrote:

I'm working in FrameMaker 10 on Windows 7 and I cannot insert the infinity 
symbol. According to the FrameMaker character set documentation, it is Unicode 
221E, but perhaps all that information is obsolete now. In any case, I tried 
holding down Alt while I pressed +221e, and all I got was the Edit menu. I 
can't find a keyboard shortcut for it. I resorted to getting the symbol in Word 
and copying and pasting it into FrameMaker, but seriously, is that what I have 
to do? Or do I have to create an equation and insert the symbol?


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