I also work with internal and external SMEs. And I'm in a boat heading
in the same direction. I envy you if most of your SMEs REALLY know how
to use Word, to the same extent that you know Frame. I've been trying
to get SMEs to use my Word templates, with restricted formatting
options, for over 2 years now. Some are getting it, but there are many
who think that copying an pasting their pre-drafted content into my
template constitutes 'using' the template. And there are those who
don't even pretend to know and still create documents using Normal+
(100% inline formatting).

Getting them to use a restrictive number of formats is just the first
step towards structured authoring. The ones that really have me
tearing my hair out are those who use Heading 1 and maybe Heading 2
and then every subhead below that is Normal+Bold. Those ones are NEVER
going to understand the significance of structure.

Good luck,

> On 03 March 2014 at 16:36 "Harding, Dan" <dhard...@illinois.edu>
> wrote:
>  I’m open to replacing Frame if need be, assuming the replacement is
> functionally equivalent and capable, especially with respect to
> indexing and handling multi-chapter books. Replacing Word for
> authors and editors, on the other hand, is not an option. Given that
> the authors, editors, and reviewers we use are not just fulltime
> staff, but also external subject-matter experts, we need to be using
> something that is an industry standard. Anything proprietary, that
> requires a major learning curve, or an additional software
> purchase/install would not work well at all.
>  Thanks,
>  -Dan

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