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>Getting them to use a restrictive number of formats is just the first step 
>towards structured authoring. The ones that really have me tearing my hair out 
>are those who use Heading 1 and maybe Heading 2 and then every subhead below 
>that is Normal+Bold. Those ones are NEVER going to understand the significance 
>of structure.

I think the only way to tackle this sort of problem is at the corporate level. 
Customize *all* Word installations, and get approval from upstairs to lock Word 
down to the customized version.

I used to work with a Word MVP who did this for a client. One click in the 
toolbar, the user interface changed completely, and the total Word environment 
was locked to the corporate templates with all opportunities for local 
formatting removed.

On a historical note, Interleaf implemented Word round-tripping back in the 
early 90s as a cost-plus option. Seems like things have gone backwards.


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