At 11:21 -0500 14/3/14, Alan Salo (Ariens Plant 1) wrote:

>When using Adobe Distiller to print a Turkish-language file to a PDF we have 
>font errors where certain characters do not distill correctly and appear as 
>boxes. The fonts used in the FrameMaker file are Arial and Arial Unicode and 
>they display correctly in the Frame file. We get no error messages in the 
>Distiller log files.
>Two other workstations distill the file without issue. The font set from the 
>working stations has been copied to the non-working stations but does not make 
>a difference.

The issue would seem to be with Distiller and not FrameMaker. Check that both 
Distiller installations (the ones that work vs the ones that don't) are looking 
at the same folders for fonts. In my elderly version of Distiller, it's 
'Settings -> Font Locations...' Afaik merely copying the font set is not always 
enough: you have to tell Distiller where to look for fonts as well.

If both the working and non-working Distiller installations have the same font 
folder settings, then I'm stumped - unless you maybe have duplicated font 
files? This could happen for example with Distiller looking in say two folders 
for fonts, both of which contain a version of Arial?

Steve [Trim e-mails: use less disk, use less power, use less planet]

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