At 17:19 +0000 18/3/14, Thomas Scalise wrote:

> I suspect that there is a precise order of kill shots that are necessary to 
> rid me of this troublesome nitĀŠbut I cannot figure out what that should be. 
> Can someone put me out of my misery? Please? Thanks in advance.

The only way I can see that you could get a ContentsTitleTOC item in your TOC 
is if you've got a para tag ContentsTitle selected in the Setup Up Table of 
Contents dialog and it is in use somewhere. If you haven't, someone cleverer 
than me will have to fox it out.

If you are using a para tag ContentsTitle, where are you using it? Is it 
necessary? Also, if it's only use in the TOC, are you sure your TOC is being 
generated properly? Does your unwanted ContentsTitleTOC item have a page 
number? If so, does this give a clue?


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