Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has had luck using the Shared Review feature in Acrobat 
for a PDF.

I've been trying to get this to work, but in each test, Adobe Reader crashes 
whenever a reviewer tries to open the shared review PDF.  Interestingly enough, 
reviewers with the full version of Acrobat can open the shared review PDF just 

Unfortunately, most of my SMEs only have Reader and that is where the problem 
lies.  I've been searching both online and in the Adobe forums and don't seem 
to see a resolution to this problem.

As background, I'm initiating the PDF review in Acrobat Pro X.  I've tried both 
SharePoint email delivery options (attaching the PDF as a file and linking to 
the file) with the same results.  I've even tried saving the PDF with 
Commenting and Measuring enabled before starting the Shared Review process 
(Acrobat won't let me send the enabled PDF for a shared review).  I cannot use 
Acrobat.com to share the review (against bank policies) nor can I use a Network 
folder as network folders at the bank are locked down to only the group owning 
them.  (SharePoint seems to be the only viable option for me.)

Has anyone run into this issue or know of a way to make the Shared PDF Review 
work properly (on SharePoint) for those that only have Reader?

Thanks in advance for any insight you may have,

P.S. I've posted this in other list-serves; my apologies if you receive this in 

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