Thank you all.

We're still using FM10 and Acrobat Pro X. Both Art's and Craig's
information was useful--I can import the comments from the old PDF into the
new one, and it's a lot easier than I expected.

As Monica notes, however, they're not necessarily in the right spots on the
page, as things have changed between versions. Still, they're at least
usually on the same page, so that's a good start. Maybe it'll be good
enough. I'm going to experiment with trying to move some, although I
suspect if it's not my comment the program won't let me. We'll see.


On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 11:28 AM, Craig Ede <> wrote:

> Look into how FM 12 handles importing PDF comments. I haven't used this
> yet, but my understanding is you can import the PDF comments into FM as
> conditional text. (The PDF must be a tagged PDF.) You could then change the
> condition on the item you want to save and then mass delete the rest via
> deleting the original condition and choosing "Delete the text" rather than
> "Make the Text Unconditional".
> The devil is in the details, and the FM 11 version was flawed, but if you
> have FM 12 this might work for you.
> Craig

Lin Sims

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