Thanks to everyone replying to my question.

Well, I am definitely not using this for a hobby...can't think of any hobby 
that would involve FM. (No offense intended.)

I am still not convinced which route to take - stay with FM8 or upgrade.

It sounds like with the patch I can stay with FM8 and everything should go on 
as usual. Since I haven't yet had to produce XML I do not know how that will 
go. So far I have only had to deliver pdfs.

My biggest concern is using the Template (created with FM6) with a newer 
version of FM.  I don't understand the relationship between the template and 
the version of software that it was created with. Whether or not this even 
matters? I was under the impression it did matter. Or it matters because the 
plugins do not work.

Having the latest software is usually a good thing but if it messes up all of 
the manuals I have created it would not be so good!

Any further insight will be appreciated.

Helen MacDonald

PTI Technologies Inc.

Hi Framers,

I am presently using structured FrameMaker version 8 on Windows XP. (And we 
seem to have lost the original software disks.)  Writing commercial airlines 
manuals using a template created for FrameMaker 6. And using SDI software to 
create the cgm graphics from eps files.

I have not had any problems using the template but plugins do not work.  I have 
not tried to output as XML so I don't know how that will go.  I have only been 
using FrameMaker for a little over a year and am the only TW in my company.

My company wants to move me off of XP to Windows 7.  And is looking to upgrade 
the FrameMaker to either version 10, 11, or 12. (These are the versions they 
can find to buy legal licenses with.)

Does anyone know if there will be any issues with a template created for 
FrameMaker 6 running on these newer versions?  Since I am fairly new to FM I 
don't cause myself extra grief.

I have opened a file (that I created in FM 8) in a trial version of FM 12 and 
it looks okay but I don't know if there are things going on behind the scenes. 
Are there things I should be looking for?

What issues might I have?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Helen MacDonald
PTI Technologies Inc.


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