Well Klaus,
Put it this way:
If you were going to cook a meal,
Would you buy fresh ingredients from a shop?
Or would you go scavenging in restaurants for leftovers on people's plates?   :)

If I'm going to use some fonts in a document, I prefer to have them properly 
installed on my computer,
not scrape them out of the insides of a Word document that I happen to have 
open or whatever

Of course, everyone's individual workflows are different...
But if could only make PDFs successfully with that option selected,
I'd be looking to troubleshoot why that was.
(My guess is that they might be referenced inside an EPS graphic or something 
like that).


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From: "Klaus Daube" <fr...@daube.ch>
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Subject: Re: Can't Generate PDF SOLVED
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On 6 Jun 2014 at 2:49, Davis, David wrote:

> There's nothing ambiguous about that option! And it's very sensible. I
> wouldn't advise anyone to deselect it. Otherwise, Distiller can create
> a PDF which references fonts which are only present in a document
> that's currently open and loaded in RAM on your PC. It is likely these
> will not embed properly and so you will be creating a PDF that has
> limited portability.

David, sorry to have a counter-view:

In the past 17 years of using FM and Acrobat I always got incorrect pdfs with 
this option checked. Until Acrobat 9.5 it was (re)set with every update of 
Acrobat and I had to uncheck it frequently.
However, the effect from checking or unchecking this option may depend on the 
system (or more sarcastic: from the water level in the toilet).
I wonder what 'our' expert at Adobe (Dov Isaaks) says about this option.

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