No, I don't think it is a bug. 
And end-of-paragraph mark is not a simple glyph; it has properties and 
attributes associated with it (e.g. a paragraph tag, the formatting associated 
with that paragraph tag, and any overrides to the standard formatting for the 
You can find an EOP as if it were a simple glyph because they do have a common 
fundamental property (i.e. denoting the end of a paragraph). 
But you cannot effectively insert a new EOP in a replace string because there 
is no way to associate any of the other properties with the new mark. 
Finding an EOP and replacing it with itself, on the other hand, is a valid 
operation because the found mark has a full complement of paragraph properties.

-Fred Ridder

> From:
> To:
> Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 15:48:17 +0200
> Subject: FM12: Quirks in Find/replace using RegEx (Perl)
> Friends of FramMaker, please judge.
> I want to find incorrectly ended paragraphs (missing punctuation).
> For example the following 4 lines are paragraphs, the first 2 correct,
> the next two incorrect:
> This is the first paragraph!
> And this is the second one.
> And here a third
> And a fourth one:
> RegEx Find/Replace with these settings:
> Find:  ([^\.!?])\n
> Repl:  $1.\n
> Result: find is correct, replacement is n instead of paragraph end
> With repl = $1.\r        replacement is a forced newline; correct, but not 
> wanted.
> Find:  ([^\.!?])(\n)
> Repl:  $1.$2
> This creates a correct replacement!
> IMHO the behaviour of not honoring \n as an 'end of paragraph' for the 
> replacement is 
> a bug. Do You agree?
> Klaus Daube

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